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this people are scam artists, i turned all my info into the ftc and phone busters in canada. i am hoping to find other people scammed so we can get together and overwhelm the authorities so something has to be done. not only that, these people send different facts to different people so if we share this info w/ each other the authorities have even more to go on
I am looking for opportunity to assist one of my patients with supply of Namenda till the time she will be able to obtain necessary coverage...
On the news today they discussed the large annual increases in deaths among USFS fire fighters over the last 10 years. The numbers have gone from 3-6 deaths/year to over 20/year. I know the budget cuts they face and the lack of exposure but we owe them so much for risking their lives and now it is often to save a multi-million $ house in a high fire risk area. What do you think?