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Blue Cafe
Should the world control OPECS output or is it up to the user to be more responsible with consumption
Bus Stop
I took him to work with me every day from appx 9 wks of age until 9 mo of age, now I am forced to leave him because work won't allow him anymore - not b/c anything he did - but that is a whole other story. I feel guilty and sad about this. He barks and whines every morning for awhile (appx 10-15 min), won't eat or drink anything while I'm gone, won't eat treats I leave out, won't play with toys, doesn't chew or destroy anything, and about tackles me when I walk thru the door out of sheer excitement. He has the windows to look out and full access to the living room and dining room - all other rooms are closed off while I'm away for his safety. I live in small town, surrounded by small towns - no dog walkers, no puppy daycares, etc. If I try to go home at lunch it is 10x worse when I have to go back to work so I avoid that. Looking for suggestions to ease his anxiety as well as my own!
Question just asked on The Cafferty files, RE: Clinton aids remarks about Obama's past drug use.
Should a woman who has been raped be billed for the test that are often essential to successfully prosecuting rapists?​rvc=2008campaign&position=5
That's what artcles in some Wuropean newspapers are claiming today! Is the EU taking this antitrust issue too far?
After a recent labor dispute, scabs(temporary replacement workers) are testing the returning union workers with wise cracks, mostly just loud enough for us to hear. We are forced to break and work along side of these people(?). They are now on the verge of causing a hostile work environment and I would like to know what rights we have to remove them. Thank You