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They have an option to sort order individual "Favorites" entered, but it appears (at least I haven't discovered how yet) that the folders created are last in, first up basically. If anyone has any insight for a fix on this issue all of us "neat freaks" sure would appreciate it I'm sure. Thanks Loads!! :o)
Lets say I have to delete all the network shares found on the network/workgroup because we are making changes of computer names and so on, how would I make winXP rescan eveything after I delete all the bad network shares found on the network.Is there like a command I can run, because I don't want to readd all the shares to each computer manualy if I don't need to?
need to check on? It must not be a compatibility issue, because I restarted in safe mode and made another Administrator and do not have the problem there. It is only with my own personal settings. I cannot change anything, because I cannot access basic system files or folders through the usual routes. I get a musical tone, the hourglass comes up for about one second, then turns back to the regular cursor. And nothing happens... Where should I start?I could delete the first administrator with my name, but I don't want to have to rename all my files, etc. And I would never learn what I did wrong either!
This is a external drive that connects to 3 - 4 computers.I want to limit access to couple of folders on the HDD so that it is readable from MY PC(or PC i select) and not all ?Assume all have a standard comp admin account on XP.I don't want a password folder lock kind of software either.PS: elaborate a little on Folder permissions / encrypt..
I open network places and find shared folders of disconnected computers from the network, I press F5 to refresh and they seems to be sticked. How can I make My Network places to update it self with only connected computer's shared folders?I run windows XP
move my photo's to them ? At the moment I have them all together family,holidays,and others in my pictures file and there's too many and they need seperating.Creating a file is not the problem for me its moving the pictures to them whats confusing.Thanks
My operating system is Windows Vista Home Basic. I tried to delete the files and folders in my Windows Live Messenger Sharing Folders but to no avail. Whenever I right-click a file or folder, you will see that the "Delete" option is not deepened or black as the other options. It is gray. When I click on a file again and try to delete it using the "File" menu options, you will see that Delete option in the File menu is not deepened or black too. It is gray there too as I said in the other method that I tried.Please help me delete these files and folders from my Windows Live Messenger Sharing Folders.Thanks.
I did not lose any pictures. I have more than 1 picture viewing and editing program and in cleaning up I probably removed it.