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The folder was created when I attempted a 'fix' and created logging instructions for a Symantec worjk around on an Outlook Express problem with Norton Internet Security.
cant get my hotmail account to work on outlook 2003 on my laptop, my home computer works fine and i checked all possible passwords
I set up Foldershare on my computer, added a folder I wished to share, then sent an invite to my buddy. He accepted and created an account. However, he cant access my files. It shows that I have 9 files but does not show what the files are or how to access them. Any one use Foldershare before that can help me? Thanks
I need a copy of a i386 folder because my folder is missing alot of files and I need a copy to replace it.
If this is important information, I have a Compaq Presario M2000 Laptop with Windows XP Home Ed. SP2. I have a Intel Celeron Processor
I have tried almost every virus protection program and it will not detect the virus. When I try to delete the whole folder my computer shuts down. The virus also prevents me from using my restore disks. It makes them non-bootable. Please help.
I would like to see what NTFS permissions are on a specific folders without clicking properties on each folder. I would also like to see which folders are/are not inheriting their permissions. It would be great if it graphically displayed the folder structure/hierarchy as well.