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Suzy Q
If so, you might be able to help me. I have problems with the program. Let me know if you use it and have had it not even starting....etc.Thanks
my childs friend is moving to Iowa and wants to visit her there.
Tags: flight
I spent 22 hours on a train from Assisi, Italy to Vienna, Austria during a horrendous snow storm! Who else has gotten stuck on a crazy long trip (layovers don't count!)?
The unit is a TriplePlay Sit n Stroll specifically designed for airplane use for infants and kids who require car seat.
Example: I charter a flight to p/u cargo. I pay for the charter but other agencies put stuff on my charter. The airlines charge me for the charter, but also charge others on my charter. Is this legal? I paid for it so shouldn't I get a reduce rate if the airlines are benefiting from my charter.