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It is criminal what the Democrats did with Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. Barney Frank, Charles Schummer and Chritopher Dodd should all be fired and not allowed to continue to deal with a problem they caused. The only thing they're in it for is to cover their arses and in the mean time things have gotten much worse.
i'm on a different computer can't figure out how to get back into mine
Okay, I know I already asked the question, but now I've made the issue more precise...So here is the problem: when I want to launch a video from any MSN service (video carousel of Windows Live Messenger, ...), I got a page that looks wrong, with written "loading..." on it, and with an error icon in the status status bar.To make it easier to understand, I made a screenshot of the page when I try to launch the video, with the error window open (the window that appears when I double click on the icon in the status bar). Here it is:​s0.jpgI tried to uninstall and reinstall Windows Live Messenger (8.1) and Internet Explorer (7.0), nothing changes. When I try the link with Mozilla Firefox (2.0), the same thing happens.Thanks to anyone giving their help!
it runs slow my friend said. but really... the motor won't spin the disc. it just twitches a lil and the light blinks green to orange. if i need a new motor please tell me or suggest something else. i opened it up so i'm sure what is wrong with it. the warranty is expired as well. I NEEED HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!
Tags: fixing
think it would be nice to see step by step instructions with out having to read and guess.
My computer is acting crazy. I have began to get error messages, sounds in the background although I haven't log in to websites, pop up-download file-newmediacodeinstaller.exe continuous come on screen when I am on the computer and when I get ready to load off-application error come up before I can log off. Does anyone have solutions?
System specs:emachine model w35073.1 gig intel Celeron D processor, socket 7752 Gigs of ramDVD cd RW + R driveSamsung hard drivesI got the fan replaced after working on fan with oiling blade bearings, worked for a few hours then died. My mobo is an Intel D102GGC2 model, and I'm wondering if replacing the CPU will fix issue or if i might want to reset BIOS first.. What it does is start up, show my video card, then go to the emachines large E then turn off. If the CPU is fried, would it shut down here or not start at all? The new fan is ungodly fast, and loud, it works. Any ideas of what I can do/try?
I have an aunt who pays her 25 year old sons child support, and truck payment. I want my son to be independent and responsible, at what age should tough love begin?
I have a flat tire and was able to find a nail in the tire. Is it worth trying to fix it on my own? How much cheaper wil it be?
i can manually turn is, does it just need lube? a belt? is there a web site with instructions how to fix, im not super handy with electronics/soldering