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the details of this file as given by my firewall (zonelabs zonealarm) are-C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe-Generic Host Process for Win32 Services-5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)i have noticed that whenever i want to connect to internet, this file must be allowed access to be able to establish a connection. but i fear that if i allow complete access to internet by this file (so that firewall won't alert me when this file tries to access internet) any vulnerability in this file may compromise security of my computer
My school is being a real pain in the rear about blocking myspace and facebook from ALL the computers on the campus. Even if you have a laptop, you can't get into these sites. All that I know is that they are using StBernard stuff to block it and i have heard of ppl bypassing it and I would like to know how.
publisher could not be verified )should i still run it
I had to reinstall Windows Live OneCare. Did so without problem. Created Report Log. Under WLOC Firewall = Firewall's Filter is disabled - Is this due to my turning on Network Discovery? I am a single stand-alone Desktop PC Ethernet 100Mbps connected. Want to make sure I am secure.. Thank you all
We just installed Vista and can't figure out how to make our firewall protection work with the internet connection. The internet connection only works when the firewall is turned off. It was working before we installed Vista and had XP. We have tried looking at the settings for the firewall to allow connectivity to the internet, but couldn't find that type of option. We are using Windows Live Onecare for our PC protection
Bill And Kath
my friend and I want to few eachothers web cam,but Mafees has a firewall block on it. I disabled the firewall, yet its still blocked