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I know it will take a while to get people on once the game is released, so if people are already on the site, they will download it quickly after the release. How do i get and keep people on the website before the game is released?
Doctor Woot
If these charges stick, what do we tell our children, grandchildren. That it is ok to cheat, go ahead and make the big money. You don't need to have honor to play just a good curve ball.
I recently went to see a movie, the tickets were $10 each, the movie was ruined by cell phones constantly ringing and all kinds of people talking on their cell phones all the way through the movie.Plus I had some smart a** who I got into a fight with because he insisted on constantly kicking the back of my seat, when I confronted him (he was with a group of 15 or 16 year olds) they started a fight and I got kicked out of the movie for causing trouble.I am done, all I wanted to do was watch a movie in peace what are your experiences?