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Doctor Woot
With what has happened to me in the last couple of weeks, somehow the garden seems very far away now.
and the rest is up to you. I would love to see how creative you guys can get.
... You stand on the mountain with the wind blowing through your hair.. I climb up and _________Go ahead give me what you got!
An American Citizen
For me it's putting together frame, and canvas for painting, and then painting pictures.Love working on houses that need fixing, using basic materials to do so.And also make one heck of a peach cobbler too.
I am trying to load Windows One Care and keep being told that that the installation cannot be completed. According to One Care my computer is still at risk. I need to get this done. Is there anyone to help?
i remember setting this option somewhere in firefox's settings before,but now i cant find it at all. do you know where its located in theoptions or the registry?
Sheri And Patrick
None of the folders show an open email, and to close down the computer, I have to put the button to close the machine down. Can someone help?