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It seems weird to put an emotional attachment on a question and answer website, but I've come to love participating here (regardless of my previous disagreements with QnA legislation). I think for tonight, that's all the questions I've got. Seems somewhat pointless given the countdown. What do you all think?
Yuvaraj N
i need to find the results of a case without a credit card
Hi There!I bring my laptop home from work and use a rolling stand to have it near my desktop. I am looking for a fixed mount stand (like a keyboard stand) that would extend forward and adjust up/down left/right. I have seen one or two in Google but none have very long arms. I want to mount it under the desk so it's near my keyboard.Any leads would be most appreciated.
i have a usb wireless adapter, it says wave cast on it, and ive googled it but canty find the right drivers, i formated my computer and cant find my cd, anyone familar with this product or where to download the drivers for it with out having to pay?
I would like it to be under a dollars if possible. I'm looking for a good qaulity tower and I also want to know if it will be compatible with the old parts that are still good.