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Ever watch one die?
Tags: feelings
Have you ever heared of some one who took back the cost of gifts from her EX after the breakup saying that he don't want to bear any kind of monetary loss?? seriously...I have seen a guy who took the total cost of gifts from her EX after they had a breakup...isn't it so poor??? Is it all about money and there were no feelings???
Not saying anything about the age difference, because it doesn't matter too much, but of course it can run into legal issues, the whole minor thing alone the way. But anyways in my opinion most the time the people are at two different spots in life. The senior is soon to go off to college & start fresh, and the freshmen is just starting high school. Sometimes it can work, I have had some friends that had that relationship, of course they broke up after the boyfriend going off to college, but it worked for a while. But it just seems like unless the two are on the same level of maturity it won't work! Personally I wouldn't date a freshmen, seeing as I'm a senior this year. Not just for what I said, but also because most of them, if not all of them, are my sister's friends. I mean sure everyone is gonna date whoever, but to me that is not my style! What is your take on this whole thing???
he had feelings for me until his ex-girlfriend came around again. he told me he had mixed emotions and now i fear he wants to get back with her, even though she treated him as if he were lower than dirt. and even then he still tried to make it work and they dated on and off over 4 years but each time it was the same story, with the same ending. but somehow she manages to manipulate him into being together again, saying she will change but i know she won't. i could treat him so much better! how do i get him to realize this?
yes, It can hurt anyone in long time... I don't know what should I do, these days I've lots of problem mixed with each-other and I feel my mind soon would.... BOOM!!I can feel I'm really in bad mood... I cannot find anyone that I feel I can talk to and get help from... something like feeling and personal problems is not things to be able to talk with everyone... I don't know what should I do... maybe I need to a psychiatrist...!! I don't know! help me to get out from this bad mood... :(
In the future. Last time I asked, I received strange answers. I have re-phased the question.
You may think this is a silly question...but I really wonder what that love is like...can you put it into words?