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and why were there never any arrest as well as this all being hidden from the public? watch the first three minutes of this video if you think its not true and the whole thing if you want to know more​a+arkansas&total=54&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=searc​h&plindex=0
to obtain before he or she could legally remarry was called a?A-decree nisiB-decree absoluteC-separation agreement
That's how they got Martha Stewart, right? She wasn't under oath or anything. Know the story about the mom in Florida (Stacy) who's daughter has been missing for for 2-3 months? She lied over and over and over again to the police. She's still free. Why is it not just as against the law to lie to policemen? She'd be in jail for it giving the State enough time to make their case against her for her missing daughter. Why is this not the way it is? SHould it be?