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i decided to check it out....i finally can put my comma back into my name. so can i say thank you Team? i mean, for anyone that had to slightly change, their user name, because the whole change of windows live, can now go back.are you happy with the new "change nickname" feature?
our new businessinkjet 2800dt two sided feature doesn't work. reinstalled duplex. machine setup for duplex is "on" and has an asterisk off to the rightside. rest of machine is working fine. Shows in printer computer section thatit has installed 2 sided feature.
I have a Razr V3c that has a video recording feature, but every time that I try to record one, it says:"System ErrorPlease Try Again"No matter how many times I try, it won't record and will only give me that error message.
I'm using Win XP Pro Evaluation Version with following configuration:- AMD 64X2 3800+, MSI K9NGM(Nvidia Geforc6100), 512DDR2, SATA2.In "Desktop Properties>Settings>Color Quality" default value is 32bit...why so, is it possible to increase the value to 64bit.Whenever I try to install any 64bit driver(sound,Athlon64bit processor driver),by default it get into Program Files (x86)...Should I change the install directory to Program Files or let it be in Program Files (x86).Whr is the best place to search for 64 bit Application?What r the benefit of Browsing with Internet explorer 64bit?