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When you drive your car alone.. what do you tend to listen to? and if its a song what is your favorite song while you drive?
Sometime I just sit and think about things that made me feel good.
I've always loved the old school muscle, GTO, Cuda, Camero, Nova, etc... However, Corvette's are my all time favorite!
I'm planning to go to SFO next week (during Thanksgiving.) and am looking for a decent hotel to stay there, for about 3 nights. Do you have any recommendation on a good hotel, in terms of service quality and price? Oh, and I need a parking space also, so the parking charge must be reasonable, too.
my favorite thing to do was race hot wheels cars
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One Twisted Child
I am talking about good old American muscle cars, Charger, Chevelle, GTO, etc....Personally, due to my Mopar addiction, I am partial to the '71 Hemicuda convertible or hard top, with the 426 Hemi.Anyone got a couple of million I can borrow? :)
What was happening? What did you do?One time I had to leave my home, and there was black ice on the parking lot. The pavement was sloped, and as I moved forward, the car also slid to the left. It was scary, as the closer I got to the driveway out, the closer I got to the edge of the parking lot, and there was a 5' drop off the edge of it. Once I made it out of the driveway, the street was level, and I had to drive about a block to the sanded road. No problem there, as I kept way to the right, and the grave; that was there let the tires take hold. Then I got to the main road that had been sanded. But getting out of the parking lot was not fun.
Corsaw Family
What is you favorite Grand Theft auto game? like Vice city, ect.
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