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this is only for fun, so caome on give it your best shot, favorite word time
Tags: favorite
Thessalonius Ii
I like Newman's Own Columbian French Roast, Da' dakkah, da' bettah,' to quoth the late Lenny Bruce. (What he meant by that, I honestly don't know, the record has a scratch)
Lets help mom get her points. She deserves them.
Would be "Dancing in the Dark" by: Bruce Springsteen. What's yours? I know you have at least one that will reminds you of the Community?
Slap Daddy
We had some good zingers over the past few years - what were the most memorable "virtual" brawls?
Farm Boy
Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, or even IE. What's your favorite internet browser and why? Don't forget to mention the features that makes your fav browser the best.