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their stimulus rebate checks........over $800,000,000 worth! Finally, somebody is watching something!
Knowing what you know now (as an adult/parent/grandfather) how do you view your Father and his contribution to your childhood and growth. Do you mold your parenting on his or do you try to do opposite? Do you think Fathers need to be more emphasized in our culture (Western)? I'm sometimes in awe of my Father and at other times a bit disenchanted. But I figure thats normal. ;)
what do i do about the last name if i dont want the baby to have the fathers last name?
Tags: fathers
When you are born, you know exactly who your mother is because she gave birth to you, but not so with your father. Women give birth to humanity. Therefore, shouldn't their children bear their first last name? And shouldn't men's last name go in second place or none at all?
I want to know if there are children's statistics on children who want to have there named changed from the mothers last name to there fathers when the become a age to decide they want the name changed
I was with her, when she conceived her, and cheated on him, What would you do? The child truelly looks like her father that she doesnt know "Eric.." what would you do?
What did they believe would work? Or did they not get that far before they all died off? Did they want a Capitalist, Communist, Barter, etc. economy. Here is a quote by Thomas Jefferson......""If the American people ever allow private banksto control the issue of their money,first by inflation and then by deflation,the banks and corporations that willgrow up around them (around the banks),will deprive the people of their propertyuntil their children will wake up homelesson the continent their fathers conquered."