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I live in Sweden, and my father lives and works in Dubai. He is only in Sweden 5% of the year. He is allergic, but we have two cats. He still wont let me get a dog. Is there anyway to change his mind? I have thought about going behind his back and getting a dog anyways, but I dont think thats a very good idea.
Keith Richards: 'I Snorted My Father'!Wow tell me what you think about it!​ws&storyID=2007-04-04T005152Z_01_KUA382199_RTRIDST_0_ENTERTAINMENT​-RICHARDS-COL.XML
Are we as a people becoming de-sensitized to the fact that so many of our brave soldiers are dying on foreign soil? Does any body light a candal for a loved one for a light to guide them home to you? In your small towns, do you go to the soldiers funeral to honor what he did for you and his country? Is it really true, that everyone says they care, but it's so far away, they really don't?Stand up, be counted, say a prayer for our soldiers. It does not matter if you believe in god or not, maybe they will feel your heart felt thanks.
My god son's father died last night in a car wreck. My best friend is his mother, my son is her son's best friend. It is so hard. How do you explain the gravity of it?
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