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The remedy (our drug laws) are worse than the problem. One of hundred Americans is in jail at a cost of $40,000 per person per year. Drug use is a medical problem, and until we treat it that way, it will not go away. Jail time is not the answer.
I just heard this on tv and have given grapes to my dogs... I will never do this again...
Mary Potts
In our legal system in NJ if a juvenile does not appear for their designated court date a warrant is issued for their arrest. That juvenile, (although unable to drive), is taken into police custody and placed in a juvenile detention center until a court hearing is held. Is this fair? Should the parents be held just as responsible as the child?
This happened to me when I attempted to install Windows Genuine Notifications Validation Tool and other downloads from Usually, it happens when the program tries to create a restore point. Anyone know how to fix this? (I use Windows XP Media Center Edition Service Pack 2)
sending emails to various legitimate addresses? Someone @ the server or?? The only way I can get thru to the address is if they email me and I keep using "reply"!?
I'm trying to access a shared folder on one of my network PCs and each time I try, I get the above message. How do I fix this using Vista Home Premium.
Jonny Quest
The A/C unit in my VW Touran has stopped working, the compressor has failed internally sending shards of metal throughout the system. Could overcharging the system cause this?