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And you suppose to choose one or as many as you like!! But I want to know what is "Networking"?? Someone told me its when someone is looking for a job....I don't think its right!!! Does anyone know?
Marvin S.
I wouldn't mind keeping some QnA going.. Is there another site besides yahoo we can use.. I like this one because rude/obnoxious behavior is not tolerated well.. any idea? If anyone wants to keep in touch you can visit my profile and leave an email. I still haven't figured out anything but reply or I would ask you guys.. d.d.b Mama Norm and Mom or course.. billy and madad.. thanks guys! : )
I've been there for about a year now, and have navigated some of the potential pitfalls rather well.I've just propped up a Spaces blog with some tips on a gentle ride there. I invite you to add your tips too!!B24BD0497525AF0!4211.ent​ry
My school is being a real pain in the rear about blocking myspace and facebook from ALL the computers on the campus. Even if you have a laptop, you can't get into these sites. All that I know is that they are using StBernard stuff to block it and i have heard of ppl bypassing it and I would like to know how.
Which service do you believe works better Windows Live Spaces, facebook or MySpace?
Which website do you think is more addictive Windows Live QnA or facebook?Which website do you spend more time on Windows Live QnA or facebook?
J Man
not the computer just through facebook only. I can't gain access to the apps once I get on the site of the app
Ryan H...xd
On tons of sites, on the sidebars their are little buttons that say "Follow Me On Twitter" or "Find me on Facebook" or stuff like that. Where can I get the codes for stuff like that? Or...I could make some.
...they are investigating "due to the apparent lack of control the site has in restricting pornographic pictures and other similar content and they are unable to sufficiently protect children from exposure to this content." a reporter stated. They paraphrased the statement from the Attorney General of New York State.Facebook is a social networking site and has similar abilities as Spaces offers for users to see profiles of others.How should we interpret this investigation of one site vs what happens here at QnA...?