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A Macaque at an Israel zoo started walking upright after near death experience from a stomach flu. What's going on? Is this evolutionary? Is it possessed? Complete story can be found here:
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My mind is sort of in flux right now, I see users on QnA abusing the rules and rules that are not followed are what has caused my 2 kids to be motherless recently, so I'm sort of raw and on edge when I see rules being broken, QnA has never been a chat forum and was never intended as such, but I think perhaps I may have gone a little over board and I do apologize, My wife of 17 years was killed in a car wreck June 24th due to her NOT following a simple rule of the road, as in recognizing DO NOT ENTER signs posted and proceeded to end her life and the driver of the car she hit head on @ 60mph.That is my reason for being short and hope that perhaps my previous posts tonight are not taken personaly, those that do NOT FOLLOW rules just p i s s me off to a new extreme!!!!!!!!!
1.) Why, to what end?2.) Where are we getting the money?3.) What could we do with that money at here?4.) Does anyone else see this as lunacy?
Ron called it a "burp" that he was gonna look into, MamaV posted it on the boards which I had no access to to while out of back in town and STILL not one explanation from any Team memeber--am I missing something? If so, please team tell me where to look? The ONLY thing I can come up with as possible "violation" is use of the word "faith." Is that now a violation? If not---PLEASE tell me what exactly my Q DID violate---someone---please---all other removed Q's [mine] I can at least by stretching things come up with "something" of a violation....but after reading, re-reading, and intense thinking about this particular Q---can come up with NOTHING--help please. {Though will not hold my breath as am sure I will die from suffocation before receiving ANY sort of explanation no matter how succint]-LOL:)))K
has google been hacked because whenever i search something like i.e. say best buy it will as soon as i click search it will take me to another website. i have scanned my computer with Norton AntiVirus, AdAware 2007, Spybot Search and destroy, and Spy Sweeper so I dont think its my computer. Does anyone have a reasonable explanation?
The Oracle
Catholic (mother) and 50% (father) Greek Orthodox (yeah, I know, a little confusing)...Anyway, we traditionally celebrate BOTH the traditional Christmas of Dec 25 and the one we have coming up in a few days.....Talk about blowing a lot of $ on Christmas, lol, how'd you like to do everything twice?....Then again, there's two dinners, two patries, etc, etc,.....