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doctors/scientist cooperated in an experiment about death. There was a platform that was built and put on weighing scales. A patient that was dying was placed on the platform, bed and all. The medical personnel were also on the platform along with any supplies needed. No one and no thing was allowed to be added or taken away from the platform. The weight stayed the same. But, when the patient died, the weight went down. Not a lot. but enough to measure. This experiment was repeated again and again with the same results. death caused a loss in weight. It was close to the same amount each time. I wish I could remember the amount, but I would probably get it wrong. I am sure it was well under 10 pounds. But what do you think left the platform when the patient died?the people dying were old old people who had a 'do not resuscitate' order in their charts. They were treated with dignity.
I love to take the basics of a recipe and alter it or change it up in some way. Today I am making crockpot lasagna.
I found this realy cool chemistry experiment but i can not figure out what they used to create the gas that made the watermelon explode.