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Tej Prasad
The Oracle
there? When a funeral home dresses the deceased- i.e., usually a suit for a man. how do they get it on? Rigor mortis has set in, the stiff is literally do they sew it around the body, what? Just how do they manage to get it on the body or corpse?
Should self defense, conflict resolution, criminal profiling and other policing aspects become part and parcel of the teachers' training to better equip them with the ever increasing violent school environment or not? If not, what is your opinion the solution is?
I we have to bake ALL of the favorite recipes?Do we have to have the house just perfect?Why do we want all the windows cleaned too now?...
I am going to get my A+ certification soon hopefully and I would like to know what I should expect at the testing site. Please answer if you Have A+ or will hopefully get it soon.
What are all the days in a calendar year I can expect a good deal for buying computers in US like thanks giving day.
Mainly I mean when can we expect special computer building sites like CPU Solutions or Ascendtech US to make Windows 7 available in the kits you can build on their sites?