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Shane's Darling
Would you randomly exchange your MP3/iPod/Zune... music player with someone for a week ?
Shirley A Walsborn
Stouts, porters, pales, IPAs, ambers, browns...
From what I have been reading the migration will be painful at best? There has been talk of loss of user data and files.... Dead and burning EU's will be found on the side of the exchange supper highway with the Admin handing out aspirin waiting for a fix. We can plan now or do the learn and burn dance of shame, later. Me; I like to be proactive not reactive.
Trying to connect a client machine to our Exchange 2000 server. This continues to fail b/c Exchange Manager shows no associated mailbox with the user I've created under Active Directory Users and Computers (yes, I've checked the box to associate a mailbox with this user). Also, I'm assuming to setup Outlook 2003 to hit the Exchange mail server I have to have admin this correct?
I need a book to help me learn about all this type of stuff as I am a "tech in training". I barely know anything about Windows Server and Exchange.Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!
Bought a 2407 for a week, now i found there is a dark point appears in center, feel not good, will dell change it for me?
cannot read screen so i cannot operate the computer. to transfer or erase personal data.
I have Apple Mail version 2.1.1.I'm trying to set up a gMail account with it, but I'm not sure if they're compatible.Thank you.