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Example: I bought some creole seasoning yesterday and the serving size is 1/4 teaspoon, so that has 310mg of sodium in it. Is that too much? I'm not exactly on a 'diet'. But I am trying to eat better. What do you think?
Small company - owner purchased John Deere lawn tractor and company paid for it along with wife's car payments and gas. Purchases items for company, is paid for them and then leases back to company.
Or is it something else? Was it as common some 20 years ago? Why is it on the rise? May I please have your observation on this?
The speedometer winds up to over 120 mph and doesn't return to normal for two or three days after driving in town a speeds under 50 mph.
The last two occasions of using these toilets they flush 4 times when using rather than 1 time