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It's made by Merck and is a combination of vitimins and analgesia but I'm not sure what it's for exactly or what other names it has.
my friend killed himself 4 years ago today and i have been tryin to find out exactly where he did it so i can go visit it.
I have heard that the "blue screen of death" means that your computer is "fried"... (that happened before)So... I am sitting on the couch watching tv, and checking my e-mail, all of a sudden-it freezes up (that was before i firefox) so i wait a min. and it is still frozen... I press ctrl+alt+del, and end iexplore.exe (internet explorer) and i get the blue screen of death- i was shocked-i thought the computer was gone!... Until, it simply restarted, and booted as normal...???????????So anyways, i get this thing - on average - once a month- it simply restarts... What is going on???????????
hmm, what really kills us? bleeding out? force? ...
Mountain Goat
I must admit I like when I hear someone referring to someone else as either one. Are these words REALLY offensive? Do both of these terms mean essentially the same thing, a thug? Is one worse than the other? Did these terms originate in the same country?
Amazing Guy
I read an reference to not breaking the man code. A funtering comment by T-man on one of Ceecees Questions and out of a very peaked sense of curiosity I'd love to know more about what it is, and how it works. Any men out there daring enough to drop us ladies some clues? Ladies.... have any of you already figured it out?
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