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People blame bush for the economy, the war, even the freaken weather (Katrina).... why is this? and if you blame him, tell me what you would have done different in his situation?
Blue Cafe
When seeds are patented, water privatised, roads, currency & media owned by multinational companies, will the world be more democratic? Will your vote mean anything anymore?
How can I train her to chew on her toys and not the furniture and clothing? She also likes to bite alot which you expect with a puppy but I don't want her to be aggressive. How can I train her better?
Doctor Woot
stop digging holes in my yard. Moth balls, hot peppers, mace in the dirt. Tossed a pile of his own poop in there and nothing worked. All them apples I have been raking, and he has not dug a new hole either, it cant be that simple can it?