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SO I asked a couple questions and people keep twisting my words around and seriously, it's making me really mad and feel horrible. Do you all have to be so mean?? For the record, I DONT take any type of doctor prescribed them and I was afraid to take them so I dont. For your information, I go to church, give all my problems to God, don't drink, OR do any type of drugs (I never have) and I have a wonderful husband who yes, drinks one or two beers at times. Quit saying awful things to me. I don't deserve all those awful things you are all saying about please quit judging me!
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I am sad, because my dog needs surgery to remove a facial tumor.
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Sorry I had to ask since I was messed with about it and my name. I used to have flowers Like Mac Moot & Mac so I get crossed with him a lot so I thought it was time to figure it all out and change it up. Meet Smokey my new dog he is bigger now but I had this photo and thought he would do for now.
All the studies I have seen show it is at least as healthy as any other diet.
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I'm finishing mine in the morning.
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Rettag​BC26This post has already gotten 42 responses!! I am overwhelmed!! the comment allotment has been exceeded for this post though so please don't be offended when you post your avatar and no one leaves you a comment...
Many people who have a belief in the afterlife seem to obsess over the end of times and how Jesus is coming to save them and judge the wicked and whatnot. To me, it seems like these people are so wrapped up in this idea that they are more ready for death than for life. I really don't mean to offend people with this question...I'm just questioning some of the observations I have made.
Christians say that to "be saved" on must bathe in the blood of Christ. Does this mean that cavemen, and all other civilizations, went straight to hell?