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It's all over the news....
i'm on the west coast, usa
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I LOVE that show I'm watching it right now! and so is zip,we watch it everyday, he loves it :)
thankz everybody who helped me to get my girlfriend!!!!!!!!
They all worked together. Then, they had a horrid unspeakable assignment. Nobody wanted to do it except for everybody. Someone wanted to do it, but no-one did, too. So, someone and no-one flipped a coin, and everybody called it for someone, and nobody called it for no-one. Someone called tails, and nobody called heads. it landed on it's side. so, no one decided to go out with someone, and that someone was _______. Who was that someone that no-one went out with.
I have an advance copy (legit, not bootleg, I am a member of SAG after all) of the movie The Kite Runner. It is a story of betrayal and redemption centered around two Afghani boys. It is unfortunate that the two boys who star in the movie have actually received death threats (is the world finally going completely mad?), but the movie is coming out this month. Although Dreamworks is the producer, it doesn't have any recognizable "stars", but the story is so powerful, that the studio decided to take a chance on it. A word of caution. There is a scene with intimated forced sodomy. It is not gratuitious, nor is it the least bit graphic, but as adults, you will fully understand what happened. It is a wonderful story not to be missed. Be blessed
what's your niche, i like doing poems, drawing writing books. Id also like to learn how to play the keyboard, guitar and sing so what's that one thing that you do the best {be it cooking or making things, everybody has one thing that they do really well so whats yours} as well as what you would like to do, have fun and god bless you all.
who is with me for beating the record!!!!!i THINK IT WAS 100 PASS THE WORD THE ALONG,,, LET GET OVER !%) ANSWERS TO THIS QUEST!!!
Maggie D, who we now is Midge, posted a q earlier, Who are you, really. It has been really interesting meeting the real people behind the avatars. Check it out.​F462&pUrl=ShowUser.aspx%3fuid%3dB1CBA8AC189B4A64BF8A280DB565F990​%26view%3d1
Tags: everybody