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More areas and countries are turning to corn as a cash cow, plowing under existing crops thanks in part to government subsidies. And the cost of a gallon of ethanol fuel uses more natural resources to make than other fuels. Is corn still the answer?
would he need adult supervision? he is qualified to do so, but he is near alcohol.
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An often repeated lie originating from the oil companies is that ethanol is corrosive. It is the dissolved oxygen in the water that ethanol contains that is corrosive. That is why milk is shipped in stainless steel containers and stored in plastic.
Sdude 100
Some say ethanol is the solution for cleaner air and to cut foreign oil dependency. Others say that ethanol does not produce the same amount of power necessary for gasoline. Some say USA cannot convert solely to ethanol because of the "negative production" argument (it takes more energy to produce energy than energy produced by using ethanol).What gives? What is the right answer?
Padraic Mcgrath
If you can get ethanol from corn, it would have to come from a part of the corn stalk not normally used in order to not defeat its purpose by dividing up our food sources. Ideally fuel should be drawn from material that would otherwise be discarted. If it can be burned, it can be used as fuel, & if it can be discarted, any use is a bonus.
I know how to make a still, but to make 1 gallon:1. How much sugar/yeast/water should I use? 2. At what temperature does it ferment best?3. How long does it take to ferment?4. At what temperature does the ethanol evaporate out, but the water stays?5. What temperature is good for condensing the ethanol?
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