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If you had to buy a person out who had a vested interest in the estate, and the person who died left you as a beneficiary to a policy would you have to split the benefit - Example - If the deceased left you the life benefit policy so you could pay off the person who had an interest would have to split the benefit with that person in addition to buying them out?
My husband died three years ago and the finance company told me that I had to pay for his car. I have tried, but the payments are too high. They will not put the title over into my name so I can sell it. I stopped making the payments and now they want to reposses. Can they sue me for the money?
and what other ways are good ways of becoming rich? i am currently in college and my major is (IT) but i also want to invest in good stuff aswell
Need a complete REIT agreement/contract and having difficulty finding a full-scale example. Nothing sparse, please. Am looking for a complete REIT agreement to study from for college research. No PDF's will do. Must be HTML or Word Doc. Thank you.