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we have uncountable forums in our country but posts are in "thread system"i was thinking of establishing one like here,but there.scientifically and technically we can manage to have one but the much should it be?
We had our first meeting. I was immediately attracted to him. He later called and said there wasn't the chemistry. We now are good friends. I moved to same city. he knew that from the get go. He includes me in his close circle of friends, invites me over for a meal. He sends me cards, i.e. Valentines day, Christmas etc. He does favors for me i.e. hung my pictures when i moved in my house. We go to the same church. I care for his two dogs when he has teaching engagements. He greats me with a hug. He leaves giving me a kiss on the cheek. Somehow i am getting mixed messages. Is there hope for a relationship?
we have more than 100 qualified crews and we are interested in the refrigerated cargo ships that are moving from china to southeastern or Australian areas.