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Every time that I mention the fact that scientific research has concluded that our human population in the world is excessive and growing by the second, that this fact is greatly contributing to our environmental problems, etc., and that, therefore, we need to control how many children we have (one or none), people get really offended and defensive. Why is that?
Hi guys, i'm looking forward to join a forum 'especially' on cooking,recipes and food, both indian and international recipes. Which are mosthappening forums tat r visited very often?? and very good?gimme the links of the forums you like on international recipes, cooking and food.
I don't drive on interstates but I need to get from Spartanburg, SC to Myrtle Beach, SC for Christmas. Are there any free online map sites that would show the way on 2 or 4 lane roads instead of interstate routes? Please help fast. Thank you.