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My friends tell me that Nokia phones like N70, N72, N73 etc all feature a "true and complete" Symbian OS, which allows both native Symbian applications as well as Java applications to be installed (just like Windows OS on desktop PCs does). But my friends also tell me that even the high-end Sony Ericsson phones like K750, K550, W700, W810 etc DO NOT allow native Symbian programs to be installed- they only allow Java programs to be installed.How true is it?
i am not sure how, i have itunes but i cant seem to get it to work please help i will give you cookies
In your opinion, What is the best Mobile phone brand out there?
I Don't Know Know How To Install Them And My Manual Doesnt Say A Thing About Installing GAmes And Programs In My Phone And I Seriously Do Not Want To Spoil My Phone
i just bought a new cell phone but....i have no idea how i can put my music on it...since i have a mac book pro
Sony Ericsson's K790 is a Cyber-shot branded phone. I could not find details about the operating system used by it. Nor could I find any detail on whether it supports Symbian applications (apart from Java applications- which it very well does support already).
Devices like Sony Ericsson P990 are full fledged computers, not very different (broadly) from desktop computers of mid and late 90s. Just like we can install the latest version of Windows operating system on a desktop computer, is it possible to install (even if manually) the latest Symbian operating system on Sony Ericsson P990 (which is a very advanced phone cum PDA), so that I have access to the enhancements and refinements that the latest version of Symbian has?
I want to buy the Sony Ericsson P990 phone, but it supports only Wi-Fi 802.11b specification. Will I be able to use it on 802.11g networks?A USB 1.1 device can be used attached to a USB 2.0 port, although it will work at USB 1.1 speed. Conversly, a USB 2.0 device can be attached to a USB 1.1 port, and it shall work at USB 1.1 speed. Does this phenomenon apply to the lower-speed 802.11b and the higher-speed 802.11g too?
I read on Wikipedia that N73 (which uses Symbian OS 9.1 with S60 platform) supports multitasking, making N73 more like a complete computer. Does Sony Ericsson P990i too support multitasking (it uses Symbian OS 9.1 with UIQ 3)?Kindly look at other recent questions asked by me as they are all related to mobile phones- because I want to buy a new mobile phone. Thanks!