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I need this technology for the computer ( siftwere ect) to produce digital "TV Productions for a journalism class in school.
This is research for a class I am in, the scenario includes having 600 employees and a need to process database information for visitors and display results as well as list company services on a main home page. This server must be able to support 600 users and must also have a e-mail server. Even if anyone knows of a good site I can research this at, please let me know.
ALSO considering that the 600W UPS will ALWAYS have a constant and reliable source of power. I hope to use it as a voltage regulator (to protect against over and undervoltage) rather than as a backup battery (BBS).
Personally, I don't think Kilobyte would be a good name for a technology company today.
I have read a few strictly science fiction books in which the technology is present and accounted for. They did not go into too many details about how the machines worked. Then again, there are others that would not stop telling us how it worked or what it does. Which of the two do you prefer? Do you like to know what the machine does and how it works?
Your ideal computer, screen, printer(s), scanner, digital photo and all other equipment? Mac or PC? Since it's a fantasy, be not ashamed to say how much, roughly, all this would cost!
I'm trying to free up some space in the house and I don't even have the VHS player attached to the television. I'd like to put the old classics and some favorites on my hard drive or on DVDs but I don't know what equipment to buy or rent to get the job done.
My computer continues to either blue screen or i get a pop up right after the splash screen that says "PBR 2 ... done" and my computer doesnt even boot. Help plz?