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I have an ex that broke up with me and after a month she contacts me telling me she misses me and I am her best friend. She also told me after some hesitation that she has a boyfriend. She went to his house on thursday and stayed the entire weekend. I told her I had a date on friday night and while I was on my date she was sending me hateful texts the entire time telling me I was ignoring her. She spent the entire weekend texting me when she was with him and she keeps telling me she is confused about everything. What do you think her intentions are with this situation? Is she playing a game with me and he doesn't exist?? Or is she just trying to keep me hanging around just incase it doesn't work out with him. She loves to avoid conversation with me on the phone and she tells me we just don't work out romantically but she wont seem to let me move on. Anytime I have asked her why she is with him she says she doesn't know. What do you think is going on?
Delia Smith, who I used to respect, has a new series on TV dedicated specifically to frozen or ready-made meals.Seriously, she's actually showing people how to cook ready-made meals. What do you think of this?
I bought a Compaq, never installed it an antivirus and now it is full of spywares, adware, viruses and stuff like that. I have no valuable info in there. I would like to erase the entire hard drive and install Windows XP once again. I heard I can do that using the installation CD. Is it true??????
i have patented a process that eliminates the need to use search engines... all of them (and not with, yet another, search engine)...but if I decide not to build it out, I can't determine which search engine to maybe sell it to (because it will eliminate the rest). any suggestions, besides the obvious (google)?
At the moment I'm trying CamStudio but the playback is incredibly jumpy and sometimes isn't rendered properly. Not to mention huge files. (My DivX codec won't work) What can I do?-----Computer Specs-----2.8GHz Hyperthreading1.5GB RAM320GB HDD 70GB FreeNVIDIA GeForce 6800 256MB