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The Oracle
NOT work, will we be worse off than not having attempted anything at all?
Serath is, so he must be tinkled on!!
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Livin' The Dream
seem as if he is drinking much at all... he is eating fine and doesn't seem depressed. is it just me worrying? I used to give the dogs 2-3 gallons a day. now it seems hardly much more than a cup or two is gone from the bowl.
Likaboo requires potential members to submit photographs that are judged for attractiveness before you're allowed to join. If you don't get above an 8 by the judges, you're out.Whatcha think?
I am conducting a study about felons and the reactions of the people in society that they receive?
Burning the BBQ probably adds to the co2 emissions causing global warming (or cooling). To be in step with this new religion, did you buy enough carbon offsets so you don't have to limit the co2 from your BBQ this fine Memorial Day?
crime is ramped throughout america. what can the police do to increase their chances of fighting crime better?
Doctor Woot
This just turns my guts inside out. My little town made the news again nation wide, not what I want to be know for.
When you consider all that would include, If he were convicted as an adult would he go to an adult prison? Would he do life ?. Could he get death?
I have almost proven a point to Mr Mission about how much countertop we need vs what he wants to put in and I know I will is just a matter of making it clear to him....