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On the Today Show this morning, proper protocol for meeting the queen is:1. We do not have to bow since we are Americans. Does that mean we can if we want to?2. You do not imitate the British accent.3. You do NOT say "Please to meet you" or "It's a pleasure to meet You" because it's taken for granted that it is a pleasure to meet the queen. With that being said, what does one say when one meets the Queen of England? I would be inclined to say "It's a pleasure to meet you" but since I'm not suppose to say that, I would opt for something like "I hope you enjoy your stay in our city" or something along those lines. But even with that, it doesn't or wouldn't convey my first, truest feeling which is, "It's a pleasure to meet you" because it really would be for me.
I have my computer on the can tell why i get from america