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It's supposed to save tons of energy... how?
Congress appears to be deadlocked on renewing tax credits for renewable energy projects such as wind and solar. Could this be the end of our hopes for future renewable energy? Will our children, and their children, still be dependent on oil?
Like, energy that other countries produce that the US uses (not destroys like everyone says energy can't be created or destroyed) You know what I mean... PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks!If possible can I have the answers in percents? It would be easier to under stand.You know what I'm asking.Like ____% of this comes from another country etc. PLEASE HELP!
Globally Interested
The democrats are blocking off shore drilling and the Republicans air blocking the clean energy bill.
I saw a spray at Walgreen's that says two hits energizes a person...these energy drinks, of course, contain you think this is a good message to send?
She's my first dog and I'm still trying to learn how to be a good "friend"...(don't like the term "owner"). She sometimes goes haywire and runs around like a nut, but also nips. Is this just doggy fun for her? How do I correct her when she nips without breaking her spirit? She doesn't break skin or bite hard, but I worry that she'll do it to my nieces or nephews and scare the daylights out of them.