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Conversely, can anything that did have a definite beginning possibly NOT have an ending?
Right on the spot outside the court house pants dropped back bared in front of your victim and if the convicted passes out, revive him and continue until the sentence is carried out. Take the prisoner to jail and repeat the whipping each time the offender breaks parole or probation. No exceptions and no discrimination in the carrying out of the sentences. This type of treatment would deter people from engaging in criminal acts.
So ok, just want to let yall know I enjoyed my time on QnA and will miss being able to pop in and out on occasion to see what's up in the Q. QnA kind of died for me a while back but I still came by every now and then. Most of you that were here when I contributed more have added me on facebook but if you haven't...please do! I'd love to see you there!Farewell QnA!
car over median altoona Iowa around july 10-13 08