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Rene Williams
Is a degree received from an accredited online school respected??
you, where you made a great deal of money or go on disability and live on $1,000 a month, which would you choose?
how many people will see this message and site for what it really is.........a commercial enterprise dedicated to finding human thoughts and converting them into profittable merchandise and ideas...........I am really doubting that anyone will believe me here because you will think I am trying to be smart or ask a good question, but its really not about that. Its about entering peoples minds and makeing profits off of what you find inside.
I work at a financial firm that imposes trading restrictions for its own as well as any other company's stock. I also have to send them copies of my brokerage statements. They also prohibit certain types of legal trades (e.g., short sales) altogether.What are the laws or regs that allow them to get away with this? What rights would I have to fight back?I'd prefer an answer from knowledgeable persons only please, no cranks, okay?Thanks
I've read that some employers have "policies" preventing their full-time employees from working anywhere else, and that employees caught moonlighting can be dismissed.I've also heard of companies that prohibit employees from holding anything other than mutual funds --that is, no stock or options trading permitted.How can it be legal for them to do so?Thank you.
A says"many employers help with CGA academic fees. The majority of CGAstudents receive some assistance from their employer toward the cost ofthe program; and many have their course fees paid entirely by theiremployer."how do you know which employers in vancouver bc assist cga students with with academic fees?