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We don't understand why...I work with mature adults. All our work gets done. Now we cant even check a movie time for after work. It feels like we are children or irresponsible. We are all insulted and looking forward to the next staff meeting.
I work for DOD where Microsoft Media Player has been made non-functional. Is there another way to access audio and visual media?
I have a job offer from a university and have until Jan 7th to give them my decision. I think if the university throws in some extra in benefit package, I will accept the offer. The university has ESL classes which I will get a tuition waiver, and have undergard and grad school tuition assistance. I want to ask them if they will pay for a specialized American accent training which will cost thousands of dollars. It will certainly benefit the university as it will help me to present myself and represent the University better. How do I brining up something like that? I can even make that request via e-mail before Jan 7th.If they will pay for American Accent training, I tnink I will accept the offer. I think they should give that kind of assistance since I would be making some sacrifice if I were to take the job.