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I want to prevent our employees to copy forward or otherwise pilfer the emails when they access from their webmail account in qmail servers. I just want them to see the email but be able only to send the email to their senders
I know several people to whom this has happened and they were very upset even though they are working on company computers.
It's been my experience at work that government employees are very intimidated by technology and by those that understand it. Is this so elsewhere?
Miss J
How have the employees handled a change to an ERP system?
Gas prices are way out of hand. It is said that it can get worse. It could go over $4.00, even in the South. What are your views?
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this will cut down on pollution and global warming. Transit department loves it also, they will hire 200 new employees and buy 18 new busses. Good idea?
I'm helping my daughter with an econ project and we need to find the number of employees and major places of operation for onyx pharmaceuticals, inc. I wasnt able to do this at the company website.