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Missson:faith And Freedom
the salamander is fire
Premiere Pro 2 is older I think, and I always encounter a fatal error whenever I try importing Elements 3 projects so what gives? (Tried reinstalling; Pro 2 should handle this out of the box.)
I tried to open photoshop and it said sorry error is unrecoverable...and something about unable to continue because of problems in the hardware or system. Anyone know why or how to fix? thanks in advance!
I'm doing something in XML Schema, but I can't make links, images, or the window title. Help?
I have a 2.5" WD Elements portable hard drive. After the hard drive is not in use for a while, it stops spinning, though it's still connected to the USB port. However, it starts to spin as soon as I use it. Will this start and stop action cause an 'early death', aka early failure of my precious hard drive? Thanks.
The theory of formation of elements.
Tags: elements