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coming trial.What type of software would you recommend?A-Case managementB-DatabaseC-Trial presentationD-Knowledge management
I am a student in new york. For a marketing class we are assigned to develop a marketing plan for a product. I chose Electronic Health Records and am asking if there are any good sample marketing plans for EHRs which I can use as a reference. Thanks
I have had the electronic bible for 3-4 years and lost the operating manual. If I can download another, I would surely appreciate it.
A-locked doors and firewallsB-receptionists screening visitors and requiring visitors be escorted while in the firmC-firewalls and passwordsD-keeping passwords hidden and requiring visitors to be escorted while in the firm
There are studies done on cell phones, wireless connections for the internet, cordless phones, microwaves, and a huge variety of other products.They indicate all kinds of problems that these products are suspected to cause.Do you think that these concerns are valid and what do you do about these reports?
I'm talking about cell phones, gps, pda's, mp3 players, portable dvd players, laptops, watches that do more that tell time, etc.
Whiter Than God
I have recently bought a '93 Blazer Tahoe S-series. And I cannot get the rear window/door open. When I push the dash button to open the window, there's a click. But no other response. What can I do to open it up?