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With some private industries posting record profits, the consumers are taking it in the shorts.
I asked a question at the first site below that there is an electrical connection between the sun and earth by way of their Electro-magnetic field (EMF) whereby a flow of electrons or electric current from the sun is used to power the earth's motor or dynamo (molten iron flowing around a solid iron core) that creates it's EMF.​27D1&pUrl=ShowUser.aspx%3f%26c0%3dAAoSEhISEhI%3d%26c1%3dAAACDBYgKj​Q%3d%26page%3d7%26d%3dRycEyQ%3d%3dInformation about the discovery of a wireless electrical power source at the site below proves that my question at the above site is valid. Do you agree?​companyintel
The power grid, distribution centers, and the entire infrastructure are already overloaded and outdated . How will they handle the need for all the electricity that would be required by a nation driving millions of electric cars? If a way could be found, I bet that instead of paying $4 to $10 per gallon of gas - we will be paying $4 to $10 for a kilowatt of power...
3 feet ,2 to positive and negative poles and 3 to earth-wire, this system is that no allow a person electrocute in argentine there a one patent from 1938, invented by bosch, is there another more ancient and for who,.-That patent keep any rights ???