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they got approved.
EMF = Electro-Magnetic Field.The sun and earth are directly connected by their EMF which creates natural conductors or "Magnetic Flux Ropes (MFRs)." These natural conductors or MFRs could be what carry the electron or electric current flow from the sun which powers earth's dynamo or motor (iron core surrounded by liquid or molten iron) that produces it's (earth's) EMF.Currently, NASA is conducting the "THEMIS" study to understand the mystery that causes, and the purpose of the "Northern Lights (Substorms). An article concerning the present status of NASA's "THEMIS" study can be found at the site below:
my german shepherd is 4 months old and doesn't like to "come". Also, we have an electric fence for our other dogs. Would it be too soon to train him at 5 months,. He is large and intelligent.
Can one get cuts by using an electric shaver to shave???
i miss my gas stove back home ,,,,, & living down here in the swest makes it a tad difficult to remodel...
the liquid is in the pan warming, the pans bottom is wet the rangtop is on high and one touches the liquid
This is to people who love to cook. I have gas.....I love it!!!
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