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Hah!! ..Good job, DNC! ..Good job Mr. Schumer! ..But may I say that it is NOT the election of Sen. Obama to highest office that is the largest question here (..although I DO wish he would learn to respect our national anthem!) ..What about our election process? ..If we add this (Democrat favored) "manipulation of the markets", to the ballot-box stuffing that the Democrats are doing, to the media's "gag-order" on anyone standing in opposition to the Democrat's nominee (.."All the opposition people are simply racists!") Well, looks like we really ARE in a "depression", ethical one! How do we dig ourselves back to the lights of honest government?
I'll put "global warming" under world economic growth, ..and local "job security" under wealth redistribution (..Do I need a placeholder for "Personal Fulfillment"? .."Religious Fulfillment? .."World Economy"? ..or "Honest Government"?) ..Of the above choices, which is YOUR most personal concern?
Ever notice that bugets and other economic variables sometimes go crazy just before a country's major political election, is held, impacted by heightened sense/concerns about the unknown? I wonder if we will see some immediate impact on the current market volatility once the US election results come out. And if we do, I sure hope it has the right impact and gets the market moving again globally!
Think about it no more voting machines, no more written paper ballots and no real elections. Hey maybe we can dial up on our cell phones and send it in and they can charge us a dollar a vote like they do on those reality shows and on Idol or whatever you watch.It would help to bring the budget under control and get us out of debt.