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I've only seen them in movies.
I was just reading how Alpo has now recalled many as well...I do sometimes mix a little Alpo with my dog's dry food. I just looked at one of the cans...and it has the recall code on it. I'm done! I'll be damned if I'm gonna have my dogs die from a can of dog food. :(
what was it like did they meow, or bark? i just got to know
When I came to California I was surprised to find “NorCal” and “SoCal” stickers on many cars. Why does this phenomena of a culturally divided California exist? Is Southern California really that different from Northern California? If it is purely due to geographical distance than how come we don't see a Northern Texas vs Southern Texas trend or something similar?
do our genes play a role, in how socialize with people....or lack the want or skill to socialize?do you think its detectable at an early age? could someone sociable as a little kid, be more likely to be less sociable when older?is it all just a series of events? genes/dna? is it wrong to be either one?
i also looked into the scripting boxes to enable things but there's lots of choices. i have internet explorer 7 and am running windows xp. still can't see video even tho i installed newest Flash Player successfully.whadda i do?
I am able to get online. Yet I am unable to log in to either Google or Hot Mail. Any suggestions?This started happening two days ago.