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My car has an alarm system, and an immobilizer. Was driving to work this morning and noticed a car in the cark with an alarm that had been activated. My initial thoughts on hearing the alarm should have been. “Has someone attempted to steal that car, are the thief’s still around? Should I call the police? Etc” but no, my initial thought was that the owner needs to turn it off. Am I alone in ignoring car alarms?
i need the answer for my project at school
Tags: efficient
find out what is exactly wrong...dont be blindsided by the car workers words
There's an optimal speed for fuel efficiency while driving a car. I think it's around 50 MPH. So what I want to know is, are you better off gunning it to get to that speed, or gradually get up to 50 MPH? What made me wonder is that using the "Resume" function of my cruise control always accelerates very quickly up to the preset speed--and I wondered if that wastes any gas.
maybe there is wind resistant's with the windows down when driving on the freeway?