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My dog was recently diagnosed with arthritis in one of his legs. The vet prescribed a 2-week course of Rimadyl and Tramadol, which were effective but costly. Even the vet said that I can try over-the-counter pills or treats containing glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM -- as a longer-term solution.I came across these Super Joint Enhance Soft Chews sold through​htmlDoes anybody have any experience with these? The reviews on are overwhelmingly positive!What are other options you'd recommend?
So when a person starts eating 500 calories a day and drinking lots of water and excersising a bit, when do you see the results? No preaching please
Gray Wolf
In 2004 when John Kerry said the the war on terror should be fought as a police action and he was attacked by Republicans for suggesting that strategy.When President Bush was taking credit the foiled terror attacks during his presidency every single one of them was from the result of a police action.I feel we can not fight terrorism like a war. Defeating terrorism is best done by disrupting networks and arresting and need be killing leaders. In most cases, this is best carried out by strategies used by law enforcement and intelligence agencies. The military can use those strategies as well. Terrorists are nothing more then criminals, not holy warriors.Is it time to change our strategy for fighting terrorism?
A-locked doors and firewallsB-receptionists screening visitors and requiring visitors be escorted while in the firmC-firewalls and passwordsD-keeping passwords hidden and requiring visitors to be escorted while in the firm
I do not want to spend a lot, and I want it to work fast.